May 21, 2019

!!!Never Drink And Drive!!!

Toyota announces new hybrid powertrains for 2017

Toyota and Lexus will use re-engineered hybrid systems for new models, with improved performance and efficiency. Toyota will be following on from the new Prius by introducing revised hybrid power-trains across its range from 2017. The updates focus on making the hybrid systems more fuel efficient, refined and responsive. find out more! The Japanese firm […]

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What does Big Means To Elon?

Tesla has opened the Giant Giga Battery Factory. It will have the capacity to produce same or more like all battery factories in the world combined.

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BMW Has Revealed Some Of the Concepts of Their Next iCar

BMW is getting cracking with development of its next i car. “i Next”, is how BMW employees calling it. The launch of this car is planned for 2021. It’ll be somewhere between the i3 and i8 in price, and will probably get a number because BMW has registered as trademarks all the i numbers between […]

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Six things about Rolls-Royce’s astonishing concept

“Those things are hygiene factors for us,” says Giles Taylor, design director at Rolls-Royce. That’s jargon for things that are non-optional – if you don’t have them you won’t be a player in the market. It’s autonomous and zero-emissions “Those things are hygiene factors for us,” says Giles Taylor, design director at Rolls-Royce. That’s jargon […]

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Will driverless trucks lead to truckless drivers?

Autonomy, in the space of a small number of years, has become ubiquitous. The automotive industry is learning a new language and, as the playing field flattens and technological barriers to entry shift, it is also becoming accustomed to a number of new and considerable competitive threats. One could argue that, in many ways, talk […]

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Li-Ion Batteries`s could lose out to next-generation energy sources

Li-Ion batteries have been the dominant energy source in the electric vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market for some time. However, studies suggest that other forms of batteries and energy storage systems are now increasing their market share. Hotbed for new technology Numerous companies have been developing battery […]

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What Is iStream Carbon Technology?

iStream Carbon is being shown for the first time at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and is the chassis technology used for the Yamaha ‘Sports Ride Concept’ sports car project. The ‘Sports Ride Concept’ is an in house Yamaha concept design based on an iStream Carbon chassis developed at Gordon Murray Design working with the […]

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